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                Bosd Audio 2016 web site on the new line Website:/

              2. 2014-9-5
                Stereo tuner must know.

                Stereo tuner in music, dance, drama, theatrical performances, film, dance hall, meeting hall, reco...

              3. 2014-8-29
                The development Chinese professional audio

                Chinese professional sound started in the early 90's of last century, development to the present h...

              4. 2014-5-9
                Key points in the design of architectural acoustics and dance hall

                The sound reinforcement system of song and dance halls have their special features and requirement...

              5. 2014-5-9
                Professional audio setup eight method

                "And listening to the speakers space is one", all kinds of sounds are produced in the interaction ...

              6. 2014-5-9
                The audio engineering system debugging method

                Debug sound engineering general debug for system debugging and sound, here introduce the system...

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